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Lp. Tytuł Autor/Autorzy Czasopismo Rok publikacji
392/71/CZT/2020 Point-to-Axial Chirality Transmission: A Highly Sensitive Triaryl Chirality Probe for Stereochemical Assignments of Amines
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T. Mądry, A. Czapik, M. Kwit J. Org. Chem. 2020, 85, 16, 10413–10431 2020
391/70/CZT/2020 Trityl-Containing Alcohols—An Efficient Chirality Transmission Process from Inductor to the Stereodynamic Propeller and their Solid-State Structural Diversity
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S. Górczyńska, A. Brzdonkiewicz, M. Jelecki, A. Czapik , B. Stasiak, M. Kwit  Molecules 2020, 25(3), 707 2020
390/69/CZT/2020 Tuning Properties of Partially Reduced Graphene Oxide Fibers upon Calcium Doping
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K. Tadyszak, J. K. Wychowaniec, K. Załęski, E. Coy, Ł. Majchrzycki, R. Carmieli  Nanomaterials 2020, 10(5), 957 2020
389/68/CZT/2020 The Rapeseed Oil Based Organofunctional Silane for Stainless Steel Protective Coatings
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K. Szubert, J. Wojciechowski, Ł. Majchrzycki, W. Jurczak, G. Lota, H. Maciejewski Materials 2020, 13(10), 2212 2020
388/67/CZT/2020 X-ray photoelectron and resistivity studies of the Pd-covered Ce thin films
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P. Skokowski, A. Marczyńska, S. Pacanowski, T.Toliński, M. Wachowiak, B. Szymański, Ł. Majchrzycki, L. Smardz Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 2020, 499, 166283, 2020
387/66/CZT/2020 The Influence of the Size and Oxidation Degree of Graphene Flakes on the Process of Creating 3D Structures during Its Cross-Linking
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Ł. Kaczmarek,T. Warga, M. Makowicz ,K. Kyzioł, B. Bucholc, Ł. Majchrzycki  Materials 2020, 13(3), 681 2020
386/65/CZT/2020 Adducts of free-base meso-tetraarylporphyrins with trihaloacetic acids: Structure and photostability
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G. Dyrda, M. A.Broda, Z. Hnatejko, T. Pędziński, R. Słota Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 2020, 393, 112445 2020
385/64/CZT/2020 Towards better understanding of the photophysics of platinum(ii) coordination compounds with anthracene- and pyrene-substituted 2,6-bis(thiazol-2-yl)pyridines
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A. M. Maroń, K. Choroba,  T. Pedzinski,  B. Machura  Dalton Trans., 2020, Advance Article, 38,2020 2020
384/63/CZT/2020 Oxidant-induced glutathionylation at protein disulfide bonds
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L. Carroll, Sh. Jiang, J. Irnstorfer, S. Beneyto, M. T. Ignasiak, L. M.Rasmussen, A. Rogowska-Wrzesinska, M. J.Daviesa Free Radical Biology and Medicine 2020, 160, 513-525 2020
383/62/CZT/2020 Modification of eosin Y and cobalt molecular catalyst system with reduced graphene oxide for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production
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A. Lewandowska-Andralojc,  A. Malolepszy,  A. Strittd,  A. Grohmannd Catal. Sci. Technol., 2020,10, 4693-4702 2020
382/61/CZT/2020 Multiharmonic electron paramagnetic resonance imaging as an innovative approach for in vivo studies
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M. Gonet, M. Baranowski, T. Czechowski, M. Kucinska, A. Plewinski, P. Szczepanik, S. Jurga, M. Murias Free Radical Biology and Medicine 2020, 152, 271-279 2020
381/60/CZT/2020 Adsorption of organic and inorganic pollutants on activated bio-carbons prepared by chemical activation of residues of supercritical extraction of raw plants
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A. Bazan-Wozniak, R. Pietrzak Chemical Engineering Journal 2020, 393, 124785 2020
380/59/CZT/2020 Spectroscopic and SEM evidences for G4-DNA binding by a synthetic alkyne-containing amino acid with anticancer activity
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M. A. Fik-Jaskółka, A. F.Mkrtchyan, A. S. Saghyan, R. Palumbo, A. Belter, L. A.Hayriyan, H. Simonyan, V. Roviello, G. N. Roviello Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 2020, 229, 117884 2020
379/58/CZT/2020 Free radical-mediated formation of trans-cardiolipin isomers, analytical approaches for lipidomics and consequences for structural organization of membranes
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F. Vetica, A. Sansone, M. Cesare, B. Gessica, R. Marinella, Ch. Chatgilialoglu, C. Ferreri Biomolecules 2020, 10(8), 1189 2020
378/57/CZT/2020 Fatty acid-based lipidomics and membrane remodeling induced by bleomycin and iron nanopraticles in human embryonic kidney cells
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M.G. Krokidis, m. Louka, E.K. Efthimiadou, C. Ferreri, Ch. Chatgilialoglu Chem. Res. Toxicol. 2020,33, 10, 2565–2572 2020
377/56/CZT/2020 In situ Mo(CO)₆-based catalysts for alkyne metathesis: Silanols vs phenols as co-catalysts under thermal and photochemical activation
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M. Zaranek, J. Robaszkiewicz, I. Janica, R. M.Gauvin, P. Pawluć, A. Mortreux Catalysis Communications 2020, 138, 105944 2020
376/55/CZT/2020 DFT study of trialkylborohydride-catalysed hydrosilylation of alkenes – the mechanism and its implications
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M. Nowicki,   M. Zaranek, P. Pawluć, M. Hoffmann  Catal. Sci. Technol., 2020,10, 1066-1072 2020
375/54/CZT/2020 Formation of Bifunctional Octasilsesquioxanes via Silylative Coupling and Cross-Metathesis Reaction
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M. Bołt, P. Żak, B. Dudziec, A. Schulmann, B. Marciniec  Materials 2020, 13(18), 3966 2020
374/53/CZT/2020 Utilization of Carbon Nanotubes in Manufacturing of 3D Cartilage and Bone Scaffolds
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 T. Szymański, A. Mieloch , M. Richter, T. Trzeciak, E. Florek, J. D. Rybka, M.Giersig  Materials 2020, 13(18), 4039 2020
373/52/CZT/2020 The effect of organosilicon modifier structure on the efficiency of the polybutadiene hydrosilylation process
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R. Januszewski, M. Dutkiewicz,  I. Kownacki, B. Marciniec Catal. Sci. Technol., 2020, Advance Article 2020
372/51/CZT/2020 2-Thiohydantoin Moiety as a Novel Acceptor/Anchoring Group of Photosensitizers for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
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A. Bartkowiak , B. Orwat , M. Zalas, P. Ledwon, I. Kownacki, W.Tejchman Materials 2020, 13(9), 2065 2020
371/50/CZT/2020 Synthesis of Bifunctional Silsesquioxanes and Spherosilicates with Organogermyl Functionalities
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M. Grzelak, B. Marciniec Chemistry – An Asian Journal, 2020, 15, 2437-2441 2020
370/49/CZT/2020 Dialkenylgermanes as Precursors of Silsesquioxane‐based Macromolecular Structures
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M. Grzelak, D. Frąckowiak, B. Marciniec Chemistry – An Asian Journal, 2020, 15, 1598-1604 2020
369/48/CZT/2020 Simple catalytic approach to highly regioselective synthesis of monofunctionalized disiloxanes decorated with metalloids
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R. Januszewsk, M. Grzelak, B. Orwat, M. Dutkiewicz, I. Kownacki Journal of Catalysis 2020, 390, 103-108 2020
368/47/CZT/2020 A substituent-induced post-assembly modification cascade of a metallosupramolecular imine-type Co-complex
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G.Markiewicz,  B.Orwat, M.Piechocki,  K.Jankowska,   I.Kownacki,  A. R. Stefankiewicz Dalton Trans., 2020,49, 12793-12797 2020
367/46/CZT/2020 Complex-decorated surfactant-encapsulated clusters (CD-SECs) as novel multidynamic hybrid materials
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A. Bocian, W. Drożdż,   M. Szymańska,  J.Lewandowski,  M. Fik-Jaskółka,  A. Gorczyński, V. Patroniak,  A. R. Stefankiewicz  Nanoscale, 2020,12, 4743-4750 2020
366/45/CZT/2020 Coordination cages as permanently porous ionic liquids
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L.Ma, C. J. E. Haynes, A. B. Grommet, A. Walczak, Ch. C. Parkins, C. M. Doherty, L. Longley, A. Tron, A. R. Stefankiewicz, T. D. Bennett, J. R. Nitschke Nature Chemistry 2020, 12, 270–275 2020
365/44/CZT/2020 Dynamer and Metallodynamer Interconversion: An Alternative View to Metal Ion Complexation
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A. Brzechwa-Chodzyńsk, M. Zieliński, M. Gilski, J. M. Harrowfield, A.R. Stefankiewicz* Inorg. Chem. 2020, 59, 12, 8552–8561 2020
364/43/CZT/2020 Intrinsic Effect of Pyridine-N-Position on Structural Properties of Cu-Based Low-Dimensional Coordination Frameworks
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A. Walczak, G. Kurpik, A. R. Stefankiewicz Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2020, 21, 6171 2020
363/42/CZT/2020 Early Events in the Photoinduced Electron Transfer Between Carbazole and Divinylbenzene in Silylene-Bridged Donor-Acceptor Compound
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M. Bayda-Smykaj, G. Burdzinski, M. Ludwiczak, B. Marciniak J. Phys. Chem. C, 2020, 124, 19522-19529 2020
362/41/CZT/2020 N-terminal Decarboxylation as a Probe for Interaction Between Terminal Amino Acid Residues. The case of γ-Glu-(Pro)n-Met Peptides
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P.Filipiak, K.Bobrowski, G. L. Hug, Ch. Schöneich, B. Marciniak J. Phys. Chem. B, 2020, 124, 8082-8098 2020
361/40/CZT/2020 Interaction of Light with Non-Covalent Zinc Porphyrin-Graphene Oxide Nanohybrid
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E. Gacka, G. Burdzinski, B. Marciniak, A. Kubas, A. Lewandowska-Andralojc Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2020, 22, 13456-13466 2020
360/39/CZT/2020 Unexpected light emission from tyrosyl radical as probe for the tyrosine oxidation
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M. Ignasiak, K. Frackowiak , T. Pedzinski , M. J. Davies, B. Marciniak Free Radical Biol. Med.,2020, 153, 12-16 2020
359/38/CZT/2020 Reduced graphene oxide–silsesquioxane hybrid as a novel supercapacitor electrode
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W. Czepa, S. Witomska,  A. Ciesielski, P. Samorì Nanoscale, 2020 2020
358/37/CZT/2020 Regio‐ and Stereoselective Synthesis of Enynyl Boronates via Ruthenium‐Catalyzed Hydroboration of 1,4‐Diaryl‐substituted‐1,3‐diynes
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T. Sokolnicki, J. Szyling, A. Franczyk, J. Walkowiak Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 2020, 362, 177 –183 2020
357/36/CZT/2020 Epoxy coatings with increased hydrophobicity modified by isocyanurate containing siloxane
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Ł. Byczyński, M. Dutkiewicz, R. Januszewski, P. Wrona, B. Pilch - Pitera Materials Today Communications, 2020, 24, 101001 2020
356/35/CZT/2020 Introduction of organogermyl functionalities to cage silsesquioxanes
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M. Grzelak, D. Frąckowiak, R. Januszewski, B. Marciniec Dalton Trans., 2020,49, 5055-5063 2020
355/34/CZT/2020 Microwave-Accelerated C,N-Cyclometalation as a Route to Chloro-Bridged Iridium(III) Binuclear Precursors of Phosphorescent Materials: Optimization, Synthesis, and Studies of the Iridium(III) Dimer Behavior in Coordinating Solvents
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B. Orwat, M. J. Oh, M. Zaranek, M. Kubicki, R. Januszewski, I. Kownacki  Inorg. Chem. 2020, 59, 13, 9163–9176 2020
354/33/CZT/2020 Synthesis and Hydrosilylation of Vinyl-Substituted Open-Cage Silsesquioxanes with Phenylsilanes: Regioselective Synthesis of Trifunctional Silsesquioxanes
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M. Grzelak, R. Januszewski, B. Marciniec Inorg. Chem. 2020, 59, 11, 7830–7840 2020
353/32/CZT/2020 Synthesis and properties of hybrid materials obtained via additive cross-linking of liquid polybutadiene rubber with H-Si containing reagents
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R. Januszewski, M. Dutkiewicz, M. Nowicki, I. Kownacki Polymer Testing, 2020, 87, 106516 2020
352/31/CZT/2020 Pt(0)-Catalysed synthesis of new bifunctional silanes
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R. Januszewski,  M. Dutkiewicz,  A. Franczyk,  I. Kownacki  Dalton Trans., 2020,49, 7697-7700 2020
351/30/CZT/2020 The Early Events of Photosensitized Oxidation of Sulfur-Containing Amino Acids Studied by Laser Flash Photolysis and Mass Spectrometry
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T. Pędziński, K.Grzyb, F. Kazmierczak, R. Franski, P. Filipiak, B. Marciniak J. Phys. Chem. B 2020, 124, 35, 7564–7573 2020
350/29/CZT/2020 Near‐Infrared Photoactive Aza‐BODIPY: Thermally Robust and Photostable Photosensitizer and Efficient Electron Donor
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Ł. Łapok I. Cieślar, T. Pędziński, K. M. Stadnicka, M.Nowakowska ChemPhysChem, 2020, 21,8, 725-740 2020
349/28/CZT/2020 Oxygen Dependent Purine Lesions in Double-Stranded Oligodeoxynucleotides: Kinetic and Computational Studies Highlight the Mechanism for 5′,8-Cyclopurine Formation
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Ch. Chatgilialoglu, L. A. Eriksson, M. G. Krokidis, A. Masi, Sh. Wang, R. Zhang* J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2020, 142, 12, 5825–5833 2020
348/27/CZT/2020 Oxygen-Dependent Accumulation of Purine DNA Lesions in Cockayne Syndrome Cells
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M. G. Krokidis, M.D’Erric, Barbara Pascucci, E. Parlanti , A. Masi, C. Ferreri, Ch.Chatgilialoglu Cells, 2020, 9, 1671 2020
347/26/CZT/2020 Preparation of Tri(alkenyl)functional Open-Cage Silsesquioxanes as Specific Polymer Modifiers
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K. Mituła, M. Dutkiewicz , J. Duszczak, M.Rzonsowska, B. Dudziec Polymers, 2020, 12, 1063 2020
346/25/CZT/2020 Synthesis of (Multi)Silylalkynyl-Substituted Silsesquioxanes Obtained via Silylative Coupling Reaction
>> zobacz publikację
M. Rzonsowska, K. Zmudzińska, J. Duszczak, K. Mituła, B.Dudziec, P. Żak Organometallics, 2020, 39, 1, 74–79 2020
345/24/CZT/2020 Ru-Catalyzed Repetitive Batch Borylative Coupling of Olefins in Ionic Liquids or Ionic Liquids/scCO2 Systems
>> zobacz publikację
J. Szyling, T. Sokolnicki, A. Franczyk, J. Walkowiak Catalysts, 2020, 10, 762 2020
344/23/CZT/2020 1H NMR spectroscopy study of structural water in rehydrated biocomposite of Spongilla lacustris freshwater demosponge origin
>> zobacz publikację
T. Krupska, M. Wysokowski, I. Petrenko, Y. Khrunyk, K. Nowacki, H. Ehrlich, V. Turov Applied Physics A, 2020 126: 667 2020
343/22/CZT/2020 Identification and first insights into the structure of chitin from the endemic freshwater demosponge Ochridaspongia rotunda (Arndt, 1937).
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T. Talevski, A. Talevska Leshoska, E. Pejoski, B. Pejin, T. Machałowski, M. Wysokowski, M. V. Tsurkan, O. Petrova, V. Sivkov, R. Martinovic, S. Pantovich, Y. Khrunyk, V. Trylis, A. Fursov, M. Djurovic, T. Jesionowski, H. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2020, 162: 1187-1194 2020
342/21/CZT/2020 Conchixes: organic scaffolds which resemble the size and shapes of mollusks shells, their isolation and potential multifunctional applications
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H. Ehrlich, R. Martinovic, D. Joksimovic, I. Petrenko, S. Schiaparelli, M. Wysokowski, D. Tsurkan, A.L. Stelling, A. Springer, M. Gelinsky, A. Joksimovic Applied Physics A, 2020, 126, 562 2020
341/20/CZT/2020 Functionalization of 3D chitinous skeletal scaffolds of sponge origin using silver nanoparticles and their antibacterial properties
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T. Machałowski, M. Czajka, I. Petrenko, H. Meissner, C. Schimpf, D. Rafaja, J. Ziętek, B. Dzięgiel, Ł. Adaszek, A. Voronkina, V. Kovalchuk, J. Jaroszewicz, A. Fursov, M. Rahimi-Nasrabadi, D. Stawski, N. Bechmann, T. Jesionowski, H. Ehrlich Marine Drugs, 2020, 18, 304 2020
340/19/CZT/2020 Electrochemical approach for isolation of chitin from the skeleton of the black coral Cirrhipathes sp. (Antipatharia)
>> zobacz publikację
K. Nowacki, I. Stępniak, E. Langer, M. Tsurkan, M. Wysokowski, I. Petrenko, Y. Khrunyk, A. Fursov, M. Bo, G. Bavestrello, Y. Joseph, H. Ehrlich Marine Drugs, 2020, 18, 297 2020
339/18/CZT/2020 Anti-tumor activity vs. normal cell toxicity: Therapeutic potential of the bromotyrosines Aerothionin and Homoaerothionin in vitro
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A. Drechsel, J. Helm, H. Ehrlich, S. Pantovic, S. Bornstein, N. Bechmann Marine Drugs, 2020, 18, 236 2020
338/17/CZT/2020 3D chitin scaffolds from the marine demosponge Aplysina archeri as a support for laccase immobilization and its use in the removal of  pharmaceuticals
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J. Zdarta, T. Machałowski, O. Degórska, K. Bachosz, A. Fursov, H. Ehrlich, V. N. Ivanenko, T. Jesionowski Biomolecules 2020, 10(4): 646 2020
337/16/CZT/2020 Modern scaffolding strategies based on naturally pre-fabricated 3D biomaterials of poriferan origin
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D. Tsurkan, M. Wysokowski, I. Petrenko, A. Voronkina, Y. Khrunyk, A. Fursov, H. Ehrlich Applied Physics A , 2020, 126:382 2020
336/15/CZT/2020 Electrochemical method for isolation of chitinous 3D scafolds from cultivated Aplysina aerophoba marine demosponge and its biomimetic application
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K. Nowacki, I. Stępniak, T. Machalowski, M. Wysokowski, I. Petrenko, C. Schimpf, D. Rafaja, E. Langer, A. Richter, J. Ziętek, S. Pantović, A. Voronkina, V. Kovalchuk, V. Ivanenko, Y. Khrunyk, R. Galli, Y. Joseph, M. Gelinsky, T. Jesionowski, H. Ehrlich Applied Physics A, 2020, 126: 368 2020
335/14/CZT/2020 3D chitin scaffolds of marine demosponge origin for biomimetic mollusk hemolymph-associated biomineralization ex-vivo.
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M. Wysokowski, T. Machalowski, I. Petrenko, C. Schimpf, D. Rafaja, R. Galli, J. Ziętek, S. Pantović, A. Voronkina, V. Kovalchuk, V.N. Invanenko, B.W. Hoeksma, C. Diaz, Y. Khrunyk, A.L. Stelling, M. Giovine, T. Jesionowski, H. Ehrlich Marine Drugs 2020, 18(2):123 2020
334/13/CZT/2020 Graphene Oxide Functionalized with Cationic Porphyrins as Materials for the Photodegradation of Rhodamine B
>> zobacz publikację
D. Larowska, J. M. O’Brien, M. O. Senge, G. Burdzinski, B. Marciniak, A. Lewandowska-Andralojc J. Phys. Chem. C 2020, 124, 29, 15769–15780 2020
333/12/CZT/2020 Water-Triggered Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Acetonitrile–Water Binary Solvent. Solvent Microstructure-Tuned Reactivity of Hydrophobic Solutes
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A. Lewandowska-Andralojc, G. L. Hug, B. Marciniak, G. Hörner, D. Swiatla-Wojcik J. Phys. Chem. B 2020, 124, 27, 5654–5664 2020
332/11/CZT/2020 How Eosin Y/Graphene Oxide-Based Materials Can Improve Efficiency of Light-Driven Hydrogen Generation: Mechanistic Aspects
>> zobacz publikację
A. Lewandowska-Andrałojc,́ D.Larowska, E. Gacka, T. Pedzinski, B. Marciniak J. Phys. Chem. C 2020, 124, 2747−2755 2020
331/10/CZT/2020 Synthesis and properties of chromophorefunctionalized monovinylsilsesquioxane derivatives†
>> zobacz publikację
P. Z˙ak, M. Bołt, M. Grzelak, K. Rachuta, B. Dudziec, R. Januszewski, B. Marciniec, B. Marciniak New J. Chem., 2020, 44, 7659 2020
330/9/CZT/2020 Patterns and mechanisms for larval aggregation in carrion beetle Necrodes littoralis L. (Coleoptera: Silphidae)
>> zobacz publikację
J. Gruszka, M. Krystkowiak-Kowalska, K. Frątczak-Łagiewska, A. Mądra-Bielewicz, D. Charabidze, S. Matuszewski Animal Behaviour 2020, 162, 1-10 2020
329/8/CZT/2020 Bioevaluation of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) functionalized with dihexadecyl phosphate (DHP)
>> zobacz publikację
A. A. Mieloch, M. Żurawek, M. Giersig, N.Rozwadowska, J. D. Rybka Scientific Reports 2020, 10, 2725 2020
328/7/CZT/2020 Unexpected Reaction Pathway of the Alpha-Aminoalkyl Radical Derived from One-Electron Oxidation of S-Alkylglutathiones
>> zobacz publikację
T. Pedzinski, K. Bobrowski, B. Marciniak, P.Filipiak Molecules 2020, 25, 877 2020
327/6/CZT/2020 Naturally pre-designed biomaterials: Spider molting cuticle as a functional crude oil sorbent
>> zobacz publikację
T. Machałowski, M.Wysokowski, I. Petrenko, A. Fursov, M. Rahimi-Nasrabadi, M. M. Amro, H Meissner, Y. Joseph, B. Fazilov, H. Ehrlich, T. Jesionowski Journal of Environmental Management 2020, 261, 110218 2020
326/5/CZT/2020 Calcium forms of zeolites A and X as fillers in dental restorative materials with remineralizing potential
>> zobacz publikację
M. Sandomierski, Z. Buchwald, W. Koczorowski, A. Voelkel Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2020 294, 109899 2020
325/4/CZT/2020 Catalytic Cracking of Rapeseed Oil with Binary Oxide Systems: An Alternative to Production of Petrochemicals
>> zobacz publikację
R. E. Przekop, M.Osinska‐Broniarz A. Martyła B.Sztorch, M, Stodolny, P. Kirszensztejn, M. Szymański J Am Oil Chem Soc 2020, 97, 543-550 2020
324/3/CZT/2020 Phototransformations of pitavastatin - The inhibitor of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase
>> zobacz publikację
D. Jarmużeka, T. Pedzinski, M. Hoffmann, T. Siodła, D. Pluskota-Karwatka Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 2020, 389, 112243 2020
323/2/CZT/2020 Iodide modulates protein damage induced by the inflammation-associated heme enzyme myeloperoxidase
>> zobacz publikację
L. F. Gamon , S. Dieterich , M. T. Ignasiak , V.Schrameyer , M. J. Davies Redox Biology, 2020, 28, 101331 2020
322/1/CZT/2020 Sucrose based cellular glassy carbon for biological applications
>> zobacz publikację
K. Tadyszak, J. Litowczenko, Ł. Majchrzycki, P. Jeżowski, K. Załęski, B. Scheibe Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2019 239,122033 2020
321/74/CZT/2019 Tuning the Solubility of Self-Assembled Fluorescent Aromatic Cages Using Functionalized Amino Acid Building Blocks M. Konopka, P. Cecot,  S. Ulrich,  A. R. Stefankiewicz Frontiers in Chemistry, 2019, 7,(503) 2019
320/73/CZT/2019 Levels of sdRNAs in cytoplasm and their association with ribosomes are dependent upon stress conditions but independent from snoRNA expression A. M. Mleczko, P. Machtel, M. Walkowiak, A. Wasilewska, P. J. Pietras, K. Bąkowska-Żywicka Scientific Reports, 2019, Dec 5;9(1): 18397 2019
319/72/CZT/2019 A facile approach for the synthesis of novel organofunctional silsesquioxanes with mixed functional groups M. Walczak, R. Januszewski, M. Dutkiewicz, A. Franczyk, B. Marciniec New Journal of Chemistry,   2019_43_18141-18145 2019
318/71/CZT/2019 Effect of β-Ketoiminato Ancillary Ligand Modification on Emissive Properties of New Iridium Complexes E. Witkowska B.Orwat, M. Joon Oh, G. Wiosna-Salyga, I. Glowacki, I. Kownacki, K. Jankowska, M. Kubicki, B. Gierczyk, M. Dutkiewicz, I. Grzelak, M. Hoffmann, J. Nawrocik, G. Krajewski, J. Ulanski, P. Ledwon, M. Lapkowski Inorganic Chemistry, 2019, 58 (22), pp. 15671-15686 2019
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48/12/CZT/2015 1-(Triethoxysilyl)buta-1,3-dienes—New Building Blocks for Stereoselective Synthesis of Unsymmetrical (E,E)-1,4-Disubstituted 1,3-dienes J. Szudkowska-Frątczak, M. Taczała, P. Pawluć Materials, 2015, 8(11), 7250-7256 2015
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