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X-Ray Lab

X-Ray Lab is equipped with two single crystal diffractometers (Xcalibur S2, Agilent) with four-circle goniometer and a CCD detector. The systems feature a standard molybdenum X-ray tube as well as the unique silver enhance X-ray source. The silver lamp can be used e.g. to measure complexes with heavy metals such as lanthanides and actinides. It is typically problematic to solve such structures because of to their strong absorption of incident light. The diffractometers are adapted to hold high-pressure and low-temperature measurements. The lowest temperature that it can obtain is 100 K. It can be used for identification of the crystal structure elements: unit-cell size, positions of the atoms within the lattice, bond lengths and angles. X-ray diffraction is also used for determination of electron distribution within the atoms, orientation of single crystals and absolute configuration.


Project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007-2013.