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Rheological Properties

Rotational rheometer – MCR 302 (Anton Paar)

A rheometer consists of a modular platform to perform DMTA analysis on solids as well as liquids in torsion and extension mode. It is equipped with a convection temperature control device for cone/plate and parallel plate measuring geometries (temperature range: –130 to 450°C). It also has measuring tools such as: solid torsion bar fixture for rectangular bars up to 12 mm, universal extensional fixture, lower measuring plate (D=52 mm), measuring plate (D=25 mm) and cone measuring plate (D=25, angle 1°). 

Capillary rheometer – CEAST SR10 (Instron)

A rheometer with maximum force of 10 kN. It is equipped with double piston/cylinder with diameter of 9,55 mm and maximum working length of 160 mm. The device allows testing at temperatures up to 400°C. The rheometer enables to obtain flow curves at a fixed nozzle geometry (L=5, 20 and 30 mm, D=1 mm) as well as run tests with Bagley correction. 

Melt Flow Testers – CEAST MF20 (Instron)

A melt flow tester is a single weight system that can perform consistent tests on commodity and also special grade materials that are sensitive to moisture and temperature. The system is suitable for conducting tests as per ISO 1133 and ASTM D1238 Procedures A, B, C and complies with ISO 1133-2 specifications. 

Viscometer – Bohlin Visco 88 (Malvern Instruments Ltd.)

A viscometer is an easy to use device which provides accurate shear viscosity measurements at single or multiple shear rates. Technical parameters are the following: rotational speed 0 – 1000 rpm, shear rate ranging from 0 to 2×104 s-1, torque ranging from 0 to 10 mNm, shear stress between 0 – 104 Pa, viscosity between 5 – 107 mPas and temperature ranging from -35 – 150°C.


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