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Plastics Processing

A laboratory mixer (Remi Plast)

A laboratory mixer for materials in a form of powder or granules with temperature controlled (20 – 95°C), volume of 60 l and rotation speed ranging from 60 to 500 rpm. 

Laboratory hydraulic press (Remi Plast)

A hydraulic press for plastics with table size of about 400×400 mm (both tables heated to 300°C) and press power of 400 kN. 

Injection molding machine – e-victory 170/80 (Engel)

A tie-bar-less hybrid injection molding machine with electric injection unit and closing force equal to 800 kN with plasticizing system adapted to operate at temperatures up to 350°C for processing thermoplastics with fiber content up to 30 wt%. A dual-socket mold with removable inserts fits any research (according to the requirements of PN-EN ISO 294-2:2002). A 2-slot injection mold allows for testing the characteristics of tensile strength (PN-EN ISO 527-2 – dumbbell shape type 1A), bending and Charpy impact strength (ISO 179-1) and flammability of plastics (UL 94 test as per EN 60695-11-10-1999 – bar shape with thickness of 3 mm). 

Extrusion, mixing and production lines – HAAKE PolyLab OS (Thermo Scientific)

Modular processability – measuring system for extrusion which consists of a twin-screw extruder, single-screw extruder and numerous dies: horizontal rod die, sheet, tape & ribbon die, pipe & tubing die and blown film die.

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