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In the light of the interpretations by NCN and NCBiR, the Wielkopolska Centre for Advanced Technologies is a research institution in the understanding of the Act of Law regulating the financing of research and is entitled to apply for financial means in two ways:

– on the basis of the consortium agreement (can be a partner in grants), and
– as a subject indicated by a natural person for realisation of a grant. 

WCAT offers the possibility of cooperation on different platforms:

– realisation of joint research projects (NCN, NCBiR, Horizon and others);
– bilateral agreements (commissions) with research institutions, universities or firms. The agreements may concern realisation of a complex study, including working out methodology, collection and interpretation of results or commission for carrying out measurements only, and providing results without interpretation;
– agreements with universities and research institutes authorised to conferment of doctoral degrees for realisation of experimental parts of doctoral theses;
– agreements with universities for realisation of experimental parts of master’s theses.

We would like to invite Polish concerns for cooperation with WCAT and in particular we offer our services as elements of Research & Development Centres (R&D).


Project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007-2013.