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NMR Spectrometry Labs

The labs feature the fully-integrated high-performance NMR spectrometers which can be used in a series of research applications such as structural biology, small molecule identification and material science. The NMR laboratory is equipped with 3 spectrometers and offers routine and more complex, customized NMR services.

Bruker Ascend™ 600 MHz

Equipped with a 24 position SampleCase sample changer, sample cooling down to –50 °C and CryoPlatform™ Prodigy probe. Other available probes allow NMR measurements in the range 19F and 31P-15N, 1H decoupling/observe, increased sensitivity for 1H (tunable to 19F) and 13C Broadband Probe, 5 mm, ‘BBFO SMART probe’ with ATM with the operating range 19F and 31P-15N, 1H decoupling/observe, observation 19F with 1H decoupling and vice-versa, two-dimensional 1H/19F spectroscopy with superior quality VTN CP/MAS Probehead, rotor size 2,5 mm, range 15N-31P/1H.

Bruker Ascend™ 400 MHz NANOBAY

Equipped with a 16 position SampleXpress Lite sample changer and BCU-II; sample cooling to –50°C. Broadband Probe, 5 mm, ‘BBFO’ with ATM observation/ irradiation 31P-15N. Allows observation 19F with 1H decoupling and vice-versa, two-dimensional 1H/19F spectroscopy with superior quality.

Bruker UltraShield 300 MHz

The basic spectrometer based on Fourier 300 platform, equipped with DUL EasyProbe (5 mm 1H and 13C).


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