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The laboratory for chromatographic studies is equipped with a complete and complementary set of instruments for separation and analysis of chemical substances. 

Chromatograph SCION GC-MS Bruker with a mass detector for mass range 1 – 1200 Da and scan rate up to 14000 Da/s.

Gas chromatograph Bruker SCION-456 with FID and TCD detectors and autosampler.

Liquid chromatograph (HPLC) WATERS 2695 with a UV/Visible and refractometric detectors.

Preparative chromatograph BUCHI Labotechnik AG SEPACORE X10 with a UV detector and fraction collector. Sepacore flash chromatography system X10 addresses most requirements for purification of organic compounds. The system offers optimal performance and scale-up capability of purification of crude synthesis mixtures and plant extracts.

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