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Block of in vitro cultures

The block provides all devices to conveniently perform every step of various in vitro cultures, including bacteria, fungi and plants. The block starts from preparation laboratories, where culture media for all types of in vitro cultures as well as substrates for plants cultivated in growth chambers can be composed. Beside common small equipment, there is a double door autoclave (PS/RSC/EH450 – Prioclave) to separate clean and biohazard zones and transportation carts. Preparation laboratory is joined to a room for glass washing and a common store. The next part of the block is group of laboratories for transplantations and other manipulations with biological materials, joined with rooms for cultures in sterile conditions. This sub-block is divided into part for bacteria, fungi and plants. This division is only nominal, when necessary any equipment in any room can be easily used. The ‘bacterial’ and ‘fungal’ parts are practically identical. They are appropriately supplied with laminar chambers with vertical air flow, of the first (FlowFAST V12P – Faster) and the second biosafety classes (SafeFAST Classic 218 – Faster) as well as equipment for microbial cultures as incubators, both growth chambers (IN110, IN55, IPP55 Plus – Memmert) and shakers (Excella E24(R) and E25(R) – New Brunswick, Innova 42R – Eppendorf) of different capacitiesfor all cell types (Gene Pulser Xcell Total System). Microprojectile bombardment can be performed both stationary, e.g. in sterile conditions, for in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo experiments (PDS-1000/He System with HEPTA Adaptor) and using a mobile gene gun (Helios Gene Gun System), which enables gene transfection in any conditions, in situ, in vitro, ex vitro, in vivo and ex vivo. The last part of the block is a subunit for utilisation of wastes (PS/RSC/EH230 – Priorclave) from in vitro cultures and phytotrons.


Project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007-2013.