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Block of phytotrons

Phytotrons enable to conduct experiments in strictly defined growth conditions: temperature, humidity, light intensity and spectrum, etc. The block consists of two parts: 12 walk-in phytotrons customised by Greendrop Co and four growth chambers (Snijders). The set of walk-in phytotrons is divided into three subunits: ‘normal’, ‘pathogenic’ and ‘GMO’, for proper plants, respectively. Phytotrons for normal plants include 1 item adapted for experiments at low temperatures (up –20°C) and 2 items for experiments at cool (from 0 to 15°C). Remained ‘normal’ and ‘pathogenic’ and ‘GMO’ items are designed for experiments at standard conditions. All walk-in phytotrons have module construction, i.e. their internal equipage is optional. Phytotrons can be set with flood tables or shelves with regulated height, both mobile and easy connectable to electrical and watering systems. Tables and most of shelves are equipped with metalohalogenic 2 – 5 lamps emitting full visible spectrum light. These lamps can be composed at will to adjust light intensity. Some shelves have sets of LED lamps with fully adjustable light intensity and regulated spectrum. Watering and fertilisation of cultivated plants is automatic and all climate parameters: thermo- and photoperiod, humidity etc. in phytotrons are controlled by the computer system MulitiMa, specially designed for this purpose.
The second part of this block includes three typical growth chambers (Economic Lux, model ECD01E) and one chamber for experiments in special conditions (Microclima MC1000E), both digitally controlled. The first ones offer standard conditions for plant growth, i.e. capacity 400 l, temp. –5°C to +50°C, humidity 70 – 95%, light intensity 240 μ mol•m-2•s-2. The latter offers wider range of parameters: capacity 1000 l, temp. –15°C to +50°C, humidity 40 – 95%, light intensity 100 – 1000 μmol•m-2•s-2. Cultivation surface of each type of chamber can increased by shelves connectable to climate systems.


Project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007-2013.